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Audio Recording Voiceovers

With a tightly treated booth for voice and a larger booth for instruments recording, we offer  digital recording on Cubase Advanced Music production system. The recording is backed by our excellent engineering support. 

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Mixing songs
MIXING: Call for a Quote

We provide mixing serivce for all kinds of geners. With a good ear to music, our engineers love to work on different geners and flavors of music. 

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music composing
MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

Be it a commercial jingle or an original sound track for a film, our team of musicians are ready to score. We have experienced composers and coloboration with world class musicians. 

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voice overs

Since 2005, our colaboration with various voice artistes has been very rewarding in terms of business and quality content produced. We provide all kinds of voice over services like - e learning, Ad Jingles, Narrations, Documentary narrations, IVRs, story telling, Corporate narrations and much more.

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