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COVID-19 Safety guidelines to be followed in the recording studio : 

Woman with Paper Mask

1. Do not open the gate with hands. Use legs to push it open and please close in the same way once you get in. 

2. Do not touch the railings of the staircase. 

3. Do not touch the door knobs, inform our engineer. He shall open the door for you. Sanitise hands before getting in. Your temperature will be scanned with an IR scanner . Please use the Leg press hand sanitiser dispenser and clean your hands. 

4. Please wear mask until you get into the recording booth. 

5. Do not touch mic stand, mic or anything. 

6. Please carry your own headphones, pen etc.  

7. There will be a tissue paper stuck in front of the pop filter. Don't touch it till you complete recording. When you are about to exit the booth, Please remove it by holding the gum tape to pull it out, crumple with gum tape into the paper and pop it into the bin in the restroom. Use your foot to open the lid of the dustbin.

8. After your recordings, please call the engineer to open the door of the booth. 

9. Please carry your own water bottle.

Important : 
1. If you feel unwell, or have cough/cold or feverish feeling, please do not come to the studio.

2. Please do not use any public transport to come to the studio till Bangalore becomes green zone. Studio is an enclosed space and we do not want to be the medium for the virus. Please use private vehicles only.

3. You are advised to carry a hand sanitiser with you. 

We do sanitise the space and door knobs/handles, chairs and pop filter regularly with disinfectant liquids to ensure safety.  We request you to follow these instructions strictly. Let's break the chain in all the possible ways. 

Thank you

Pranava Studios.

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